MMSP 2014

Multimedia Signal Processing


Student Volunteers

MMSP 2014 Student Volunteers

We are inviting students interested in the field to apply as student volunteers (SV). This is an ideal opportunity to attend the conference and to connect with other members of the community. SVs also receive free conference registration as compensation for their work.

Application Instructions

To apply to be a student volunteer, please email the information below (with subject “MMSP 2014 SV”) to

  • Name:
  • Email:
  • City, Country:
  • University:
  • Degree Program:
  • Year in program:
  • Advisor:
  • Number of previous MMSP 2014 attended:
  • Have you been a MMSP 2014 student volunteer before (when):
  • Have you been a student volunteer for other conferences which ones):
  • Language(s) spoken:

If you have any questions/problems, please send email to the Student Volunteer chairs.


If you are a MMSP 2014 Student Volunteer, you get…

  • Free conference registration
  • Free T-shirt or Batik
  • A chance to attend a premier forum for innovations in interactive surfaces

In the past, volunteers have also been given travel / housing subsidies — should we be able to provide similar benefits this year we will update this information.


At the Conference

Student volunteers will be required to help set up and perform needed work during the conference. Duties include: bag stuffing, registration desk, AV assistance, poster and demo setup, badge checking, break monitoring, etc. Volunteers will also need to be available during the conference if tasks come up. Because MMSP 2014 is single track, SVs usually get to attend most of the sessions, even when working.

Arriving and Leaving

SVs need to be available to help throughout the conference. You should try to arrive at least a couple hours before the start of the conference on Sunday or better on Saturday and should not leave the hotel until sessions end on Wednesday.

If you have any questions/problems, please send email to the Student Volunteer chairs.

Muhamad Yusup
Student Volunteer Chairs